Double Eagle Imports Ltd is a licensed importer, marketer and brand developer of craft spirits that are defined by three intrinsic attributes: uncompromised high quality, unique branding concepts and exceptional value for the U.S. consumers and our trade buyers. Established in 2006, the company is now widely recognized for its proven ability to create, promote and grow the finest, award-winning brands of super premium and luxury tequila produced by independent craft distilleries.

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Curated Portfolio of Products


Double Eagle Imports Ltd represents a carefully curated selection of premium and super premium Agave spirits including award-winning Espanita tequila, Arrogante tequila, Arrogante Damiana, Coffee and Almond liqueurs as well as Rudo and Tecnico Lucha Libre-inspired tequila. All our brands feature craft production process, exceptional quality and innovative packaging as well as steadfast commitment to authenticity, heritage, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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Commitment to Authenticity and Craft


We are passionate advocates of craft spirits, a movement that has been embraced by the U.S. consumers seeking authentic products that feature unique natural ingredients, artisanal production techniques and original flavors. With more people educating themselves about premium liquor, there’s a fundamental shift in focus towards alcohol brands that are transparent about their ingredients and craftsmanship. At Double Eagle Imports, our mission is to grow and develop our craft spirits brands in the USA market and to make them available to consumers at affordable prices throughout nationwide distribution and key retail chains.

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