Craftsmanship and authenticity keep customers loyal and inspire newcomers.

The mission of Double Eagle Imports is to help craft suppliers of Agave spirits to expand the availability of their products in the USA market by raising consumer appreciation of artisanal beverages. We do this by developing efficient route-to-market solutions, designing impactful marketing programs that engage and educate consumers about craft tequila and by building thriving relationships with our trade partners.

Grounded in years of experience in craft spirits industry, we understand the unique attributes and needs of artisanal brands supplied by independently owned distilleries and have crucial insight into considerable challenges that they face in the competitive U.S. marketplace, and we use this extensive expertise to help our suppliers to build their brands one step at a time.


Main areas of expertise

We work to tell the unique story of each Agave spirit that we curate and represent. To do so, we base our marketing programs on a three-pronged approach: focusing on craftsmanship and authenticity of our brands; raising consumer awareness of craft spirits encouraging experimentation with flavors including craft mixology and an exploration of tequila and food pairings. High quality sipping Tequila is an aromatic and flavorful spirit, and its rich flavors make tequila a natural partner to food as well as the perfect base for a number of mixed drinks. This verstility provides fertile grounds for experimentation and serves as potent driver for growing consumer interest to craft tequila segment of the industry.


Non-conventional aging approaches, innovative ingredients, as well as original flavor combinations encourage consumers to try new craft brands and inspire mixology.


Weaving elements of authenticity throughout the brand by using fine ingredients and emphasizing transparency help distillers to establish their craft credentials.


Storytelling presentation, creative digital marketing and robust programs of retail activations and tasting events are crucial for creating brand recognition and loyalty.