Puerto Angel  Rum

Puerto Angel Rum

Puerto Angel Rum has been launched in the USA market in summer of 2015. This USDA Organic rum is distilled from the freshly squeezed cane juice at the family-owned distillery dedicated to production of the highest quality artisanal spirits. Grown high in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, organic sugar cane is hand-harvested and then, like in old days, delivered on donkeys down the mountain slopes. At the production facility, it is immediately pressed and the fermentation begins within 24 hours after the harvest.

Each rhum agricole represents the result of a combination of influences of a distillation column, used in production, and skills of the master distiller as well as variability in the lands where sugarcane was grown. The unique micro-climate, soil, sun exposures, high altitudes of Oaxaca mountains and weather patterns result in one of the most exquisite and terroir-driven distillates on earth, which is Puerto Angel Rum.

Puerto Angel Rum is available in two expressions: Blanco (aged in oak casks for 6 months to mellow the spirit) and Amber (straw-hued, barrel-aged for 3 years).

Consumers are yearning for products that impact them emotionally, symbolically and spiritually, while still fulfilling a utilitarian need. Puerto Angel Rum answers this need by providing a high quality product that features unique ingredients, artisanal production process and tells a compelling story to buyers who appreciate this type of brand experience. It is the antithesis of big-box, mass-produced rum, and its fans feel that buying handcrafted rum supports people—cane cutters, distillers, workers—not factories.

5 Stars - Spirits Journal
Gold Medal - Beverage testing institute
"Superbly satisfying and as elegant as it is potent and uniquely charming."F. Paul Pacult, The Spirits Journal
"Slightly toasted in the aftertaste, doubtless from the oak, the floral, earthy, slightly spiced flavors arrive at a place in which all the moving parts are working in harmony. In a word, delicious." The Spirits Journal

  • Puerto Angel Rum

    Unique Terroir

    Sugar cane, used in production of Puerto Angel Rum, is cultivated in the high altitudes and unique micro-climate.

  • Puerto Angel rum

    Craft Distillery

    Puerto Angel Rum is handcrafted at the family owned, artisanal distillery located in Mexico.

  • Puerto Angel rum

    Traditional Techniques

    The distillery employs time-honored traditional techniques used in production of rhum agricole.

  • Puerto Angel rum

    Organic Certification

    Puerto Angel Rum is distilled from organic sugar cane at the distillery that holds USDA organic certification.

  • Puerto Angel rum

    The Art of Aging

    Puerto Angel Rum is aged in American white oak casks and is presented in Blanco and Amber expressions.

  • Puerto Angel rum

    Pure Enjoyment

    Your rum is served! All you have to do is to relax and enjoy the exquisite rum that is in a class of its own.