Arrogante Liqueurs

Double Eagle imports launches arrogante Coffee and almond liqueurs

Double Eagle Imports Ltd, a privately held Georgia corporation specializing in development, importation and marketing of premium distilled spirits, announces today the expansion of its Arrogante tequila portfolio with the introduction of Arrogante Coffee and Arrogante Almond liqueurs.

Crafted with award-winning 100% Blue Agave Arrogante Blanco tequila and naturally infused with a proprietary blend of the finest locally-sourced natural ingredients, Arrogante Coffee and Almond liqueurs are bottled at 70 proof and are available for nationwide distribution in 750 ml bottles. Both liqueurs will retail for approximately $24.99.

Arrogante Almond liqueur is crafted with hand-selected sweet natural almonds sourced from Mexican growers. Enticingly fragrant, Almond liqueur is deliciously smooth, perfectly balancing the light bitterness of almond nuts with a touch of sweetness. Arrogante Coffee is a truly tantalizing new flavor; rich, smooth and sensual in taste and aroma with the distinct, luxurious qualities of freshly roasted Coffee beans with notes of Chocolate, Caramel and warm Mexican Cinnamon.

The company’s vision of innovation was first executed with the launch of Arrogante Damiana liqueur, a luxurious spirit that combines the toasted agave flavors of Arrogante Blanco tequila with delicate infusions of the exotic Damiana leaves and Peppermint, in 2014.  Arrogante Damiana is now available in 14 states and is carried by the nation’s premier wine and spirits retail chain Total Wine & More.

“Introducing Arrogante Coffee and Arrogante Almond liqueurs is a logical evolution for the brand following the exciting success of Arrogante tequila and Arrogante Damiana liqueur,” commented Marina B. Wilson, President of Double Eagle Imports. “Now, by continuing the level of excellence that has made Arrogante Damiana success, we are expanding our craft spirits portfolio to entice new consumers and excite loyal fans. I am grateful to work with Master Tequilero Alberto Ramirez, who has brought all of these new products to life with unparalleled refinement and commitment to quality and craftsmanship."

Arrogante liqueurs are best enjoyed neat or mixed with water or ice. Arrogante Coffee and Almond Liqueurs are also the ideal ingredients in any number of delicious cocktails and food recipes where they showcase authentic Mexican flavors and heritage.

These products are designed to appeal to the most discerning consumer and will be produced only in small batches. The company also expects that the new liqueurs will be well received by the mixology community, with bartenders seeking out the new exciting flavors for the craft cocktails.

About Double Eagle Imports

Double Eagle Imports Ltd is a brand developer, importer and marketer of premium alcoholic beverages. Established in 2006, the company is now widely recognized for it’s proven ability to create, grow and develop the finest, award-winning brands that answer consumer needs for highest quality, authentic craft spirits produced by the small, independently owned distilleries.

Each of our products features unique production processes, exceptional artisanal quality, innovative packaging and original ingredients as well as a commitment to traditional techniques, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Double Eagle Imports builds its success on the strong, long-term relationships with distributor partners and producers, allowing the company to build spirits brands that enjoy both longevity and strong consumer pull.