Puerto Angel Rum

Puerto Angel rum makes east coast debut in Florida

Double Eagle Imports Ltd is pleased to announce that its organic Puerto Angel rum will now be carried at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits stores throughout Florida. With approximately 150 locations across the state, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is one of the country’s largest wine and spirits retailers. The partnership with ABC will allow the company to capitalize on market growth in Florida where rum is one of the most popular distilled spirits.

Since its recent launch in the USA in June of 2015, Puerto Angelä organic rum received 5 Stars ‘”Classic” rating from the Spirits Journal and was honored with two Gold Medals and “Exceptional” rating at 2015 International Review of Spirits, hosted by the Beverage Testing Institute. This exquisite, one-of-a-kind rum that is distilled from the freshly pressed sugar cane juice in Oaxaca, Mexico has generated a lot of interest among the U.S. trade buyers and the company is planning to launch Puerto Angel rum in several markets by the end of the year, including the states of Georgia, Texas and Massachusetts.

“We believe our potential for growth in Florida marketplace is huge. Puerto Angel is one of the few types of rum that are honored by USDA Organic Certification and that’s going to make our product stand out among competing rum offerings. Meeting strict USDA organic certification standards shows consumers that we are committed to the highest quality organic goods”, said Marina B. Wilson, the President and Founder of Double Eagle Imports. “We’re looking forward to bringing the taste of authentic Oaxaca rum throughout the state of Florida”.

Puerto Angel rum is handcrafted from the freshly pressed and naturally fermented juice of organic sugar cane that is cultivated at the distillery-owned plantation located in Oaxaca Mountains, Mexico. Unique combination of weather patterns, sun exposure, high altitudes and rich volcanic soils of this rugged, remote area results in the terroir-driven, exotic distillate that takes on a very soul of Oaxaca’s untamed and breathtakingly beautiful nature.

The spirit is double distilled in small batches in traditional pot stills to ensure unique and complex flavor profile as well as exceptional smoothness. Puerto Angel Blanco is aged for 6 months in American oak barrels, while Amber matures in wood for 3 years.  

About ABC Fine Wine and Spirits

Founded in 1936, ABC Fine Wine and Spirits is one of the largest fine wine and spirits merchants in the USA with 150 stores covering the peninsula of Florida from Tallahassee to Miami. The company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with its executive offices adjacent to a 150,000 square-foot distribution center, including climate-controlled space for wine and cigars.

ABC retail stores average 10,000 square feet and often include walk-in cigar humidors, temperature-controlled wine cellars, and massive cold space for imported and micro brewed beers.

About Double Eagle Imports

Double Eagle Imports Ltd is a brand developer, importer and marketer of premium alcoholic beverages. Established in 2006, the company is now widely recognized for it’s proven ability to create, grow and develop the finest, award-winning brands that answer consumer needs for highest quality, authentic craft spirits produced by the small, independently owned distilleries.

Each of our products features unique production processes, exceptional artisanal quality, innovative packaging and original ingredients as well as a commitment to traditional techniques, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Double Eagle Imports builds its success on the strong, long-term relationships with distributor partners and producers, allowing the company to build spirits brands that enjoy both longevity and strong consumer pull.