Bear Force Vodka

Bear Force Vodka

Distilled in small batches from the premium GMO-Free Rye and Wheat grains, Bear Force vodka is produced and bottled at the artisanal distillery located in the ancient Russian city of Bryansk that was founded in 985 A.D.

The unique recipe of Bear Force is traced back to the "Golden Age" of vodka manufacture when Catherine the Great, Russian Empress during the late 1700s, granted the rights to distill spirits to members of the noble class only as a symbol of their privileged status. At that time each manor produced its own "house" brand of vodka, developing unique recipes and trying to surpass each other in quality, purity and taste. As a result, the reputation of Russian vodka was so high that even European monarchs were pleased to receive a bottle of authentic Russian vodka as a gift from the Empress.

Today, the distillery's artisans have recreated a famous vodka recipe that originated in Bryansk Duchy in 18th century.

The production process of Bear Force is unique and requires 30 days of maturation before the final filtration takes place. The result is luxuriously smooth but character-driven spirit.

Bottled in Russia at 40% ABV, Bear Force Vodka is marketed in 750 ml, 750 ml, 1 Liter and 50 ml bottles.

Awards and Tasting reviews

First introduced in Russia in 2011, Bear Force won the GOLD MEDAL from "Best Vodka Of The Year", an international tasting competition in Eastern Europe.

In 2013, Bear Force was awarded 94 POINTS ("Exceptional") as well as the GOLD MEDAL and the prestigious BEST BUY designation from the Beverage Testing Institute.

   Gold Medal - Beverage Testing Institute
   Gold Medal - Best Vodka of The year
"Bear Force is a bona fide masterpiece, a classically structured Russian vodka brimming with style and appeal. Vodka enthusiasts will be enthralled by the depth and enticing nature of its aromatics." Robert Plotkin, American Cocktails
"Aromas suggest grainy porridge with syrup, toasted nuts, and faint dried meat with a silky, dryish light-to-medium body and a honey cream and chalk accented finish with very little heat. Quite refined and smooth." Beverage Tasting Institute

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  • Bear Force Vodka is Presented at 70th WSWA Annual Convention

    Launched in the USA in 2013

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  • Bear Force Vodka

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    Bear Force is honored with multiple awards and the praise from industry experts.

  • Bear Force Vodka

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    Bear Force can be savored neat and is the inspired choice for use in any vodka-based cocktail.