Arrogante Tequila in a Gift Presentation

Arrogante Tequila

Arrogante tequila is handcrafted at the family-owned distillery located in Jalisco, Mexico. The mature Blue Agaves used in production of Arrogante are cultivated in the volcanic, nutrient rich soil of the Los Altos Mountains. While more costly and labor-intensive, the artisanal distillery continues to make their tequilas using traditional, time-honored techniques, such as slow-baking agaves in stone ovens and relying on natural proprietary strain of yeast to ferment the juices at low temperatures.

Arrogante is double-distilled in traditional copper pot stills. While Blanco is bottled fresh from the still, Arrogante Reposado is barrel-aged in American white oak for 6 months. Arrogante Anejo rests in casks for 18 months, which exceeds the industry's minimum by 6 months. Label's crown jewel is Arrogante Supreme Anejo that was aged for more than 3 years. Reposado and Anejo expressions showcase the skills of master distiller. While many other aged tequilas are dominated by the taste and smell of oak, Arrogante preserves its rich, toasted agave flavors.

Elaboration of Blue Agave is the art that requires a labor of love and hands-on approach. The artisan's love to his craft shines through all Arrogante expressions. Arrogante tequila is marketed in unique wide-mouth matted jars, decorated by hand. It is available in 750 ml, 50 ml bottles and gift packs.

Awards and Tasting reviews

Since its launch in the USA market in 2012, Arrogante tequila has been honored with multiple awards at international spirits competitions and received praise from the distinguished industry experts. For example, Arrogante Reposado was awarded 92 POINTS ("Outstanding") from The Tasting Panel Magazine and Arrogante Anejo received 93 POINTS from Anthony Dias Blue (San Francisco World Spirits Competition) and the GOLD MEDAL from the Beverage Testing Institute. In 2013, Arrogante Blanco won the coveted GOLD MEDAL from the Spirits of Mexico competition.

Gold Medal - The Spirits Of MEXICO
Gold Medal - Beverage testing institute
"Arrogante Anejo offers smooth agave and caramel nose with floral notes; creamy vanilla and ripe, mellow toasted-agave flavors with spice and smooth, lush texture; long and rich on the finish."Anthony Dias Blue, The Tasting Panel
"On the nose, Arrogante Blanco offers pleasing aromas of green pepper, cooked agave and geranium, while it tastes fresh and spicy – lots of white pepper and anise, with a very appealing puckery and citrusy finish. Gold Medal." The Spirits of Mexico
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