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Double Eagle Imports Ltd is a brand developer and importer of handcrafted distilled spirits. The company is recognized for its proven ability to create, grow and develop the finest, award-winning brands of artisanally produced liquor. As of 2015, Double Eagle Imports markets and distributes Arrogante tequila, Arrogante natural liqueurs, Rudo and Tecnico tequilas, Puerto Angel organic rum and Bear Force vodka.

Craft spirits represent one of the fastest growing categories within the distilled spirits industry. Craft spirits movement has been embraced by the consumers who seek authentic products that feature unique natural ingredients and original, artisanal production techniques. By telling buyers compelling stories of real people behind the brand, the craft spirits are the antithesis of big-box, mass-produced alcoholic beverages, and its advocates feel that buying handcrafted liquor supports artisans and their communities, not multinational corporations.

  • On the nose, this Blanco offers pleasing aromas of green pepper, cooked agave and geranium, while it tastes fresh and spicy – lots of white pepper and anise, with a very appealing puckery and citrusy finish. Gold Medal.
    Arrogante Blanco
    The Spirits of Mexico
  • Rudo Anejo opens beguilingly with aromas of biscuits, butter and slightly grainy. It is lightly sweet and intensely focused with a grassy and vegetal tang, notes of tobacco and leather and very lean and lip-smacking, finishing crisp with a rounded nuttiness. Gold Medal.
    Rudo Anejo
    The Spirits of Mexico
  • Smooth agave and caramel nose with floral notes; creamy vanilla and ripe, mellow, toasted agave flavors with spice and smooth, lush texture; long and rich. Score of 93.
    Arrogante Anejo
    The Tasting Panel Magazine

Trade Tools

To successfully grow craft spirits brands in the USA market, it is crucial to develop and manage marketing campaigns that are based on an optimal combination of traditional advertising and modern, innovative approaches stemming from the growing popularity of numerous digital and social channels. Today consumers are inundated with advertising messages and to cut through the noise, the understanding of customer's needs and creative approach is a must.

Craft Spirits That We Grow...

  • Tecnico Tequila
  • Arrogante Tequila
  • Bear Force Vodka
  • Rudo Tequila
  • Puerto Angel Rum

Our Distribution

Our artisanal spirits brands are distributed throughout the USA market and sold in many premier retail accounts. Licensed wholesalers wishing to obtain pricing information, check availability, or place an order for any of our products are invited to contact us. If you are a retailer, interested in purchasing our products, please use the interactive map below to find a distributor in your area.

  • With a nose of cinnamon spiced lime chiffon, this reposado had us at first sniff. At its core, a lean mineral-driven agave stays in the ring, while pepper and peppermint linger on and on with its one two punch. This is a robust, well-constructed tequila that keeps consistent on the palate. Score of 94.
    Rudo Reposado
    The Tasting Panel Magazine
  • Clear. Aromas suggest grainy porridge with syrup, toasted nuts, and faint dried meat with a silky, dryish light-to-medium body and a honey cream and chalk accented finish with very little heat. Quite refined and smooth. Score of 94 and the Gold Medal.
    Bear Force Vodka
    Beverage Testing Institute

Our News

Rudo tequila

Rudo Anejo
takes home
Gold Medal

In March 2015, tequila Rudo Anejo won a prestigious Gold Medal from the 15th annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition, while Tecnico Reposado took home silver. This is the second Gold Medal for Rudo Anejo and is a fitting testament to its quality and its artisanal production process.

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Puerto Angel Rum

Puerto Angel
wins 2 gold

In June 2015, both age expressions of Puerto Angel organic rum were awarded the prestigious Gold Medals and "Exceptional" rating by the International Review of Spirits, organized by the Beverage Testing Institute, the distilled spirits industry most authoritative source of wine and spirits evaluations.

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Puerto Angel Rum

Puerto Angel
receives 5 stars

Both expressions of Puerto Angel rum - Blanco and Amber - have received the sought-after "Highest Recommendation" from F. Paul Pacult's Spirits Journal. "5 Stars" ratings are being awarded only to the rare, highly distinguished and distinctive distilled spirits, which represent a benchmark within their category.

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Puerto Angel Rum

Puerto Angel
is launched
in Florida

Puerto Angel rum will now be carried at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits stores throughout Florida. The partnership with ABC, one of the largest retailers of wine, beer and liquor, will allow the company to capitalize on market growth in Florida where rum is one of the most popular distilled spirits.

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Arrogante tequila

Arrogante line
adds 2 new


Crafted with award-winning 100% Blue Agave Arrogante Blanco tequila and naturally infused with a proprietary blend of the finest locally-sourced natural ingredients, Arrogante Coffee and Almond liqueurs are bottled at 70 proof and are available for nationwide distribution in 750 ml bottles.

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Puerto Angel Rum is Launched in the USA

Puerto Angel
is launched in
new England

Double Eagle Imports, the owners of Puerto Angel Rum, today announced they have extended their distribution channel through a new agreement with United Liquors, a Norwood - based distributor representing the industry's leading spirits brands and a diverse wine portfolio.

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  • Layered aromas of toasty banana-cherry cream pie, pepper, praline, root beer, and faint anise with a supple, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a tangy, sweet baking spice, sandalwood and whipped finish. A delicious, spicy wood-driven añejo that will be great with desserts and cigars. Score 92.
    Tecnico Anejo
    Beverage Testing Institute
  • A botanical fir-tree and green tea nose leads to clove, ginger and peppered mandarin orange on the palate. The lingering finish seals the deal on this unique and edgy newcomer. Score 92.
    Arrogante Reposado
    The Tasting Panel Magazine
  • Bear Force is a bona fide masterpiece, brimming with style and appeal. The vodka has crystalline clarity, a velvety smooth, medium-weight body and a slightly spicy, slightly sweet, grainy nose. Vodka enthusiasts will be enthralled by the depth and enticing nature of its aromatics.
    Bear Force
    American Cocktails

About Us

Double Eagle Imports Ltd is a licensed national importer, marketer and brand developer of fine spirits, beer, and wine brands that are defined by three major intrinsic attributes: the highest quality, unique branding concepts and excellent value for the USA consumers. We manage all aspects of marketing, public relations and sales development, utilizing our many years of experience in the industry. Each of our products features unique production processes, exceptional artisanal quality, innovative packaging and original ingredients as well as a commitment to traditional techniques, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Today the buyers, more than ever, are interested in craft distilling and artisanally produced liquor brands. At Double Eagle Imports, our mission is to grow and develop our craft spirits in the USA market and to make them available to consumers at affordable prices throughout nationwide distribution and key retail chains. We do this by successfully navigating a challenging environment where consolidation is creating fewer avenues for craft product distribution and the competition from the brands produced and marketed by huge multinational conglomerates.

Founder and President

Double Eagle Imports was founded in 2006 by Marina B. Wilson with the goal to market premium and super-premium spirits produced by craft distilleries. Coming to the USA in 2000, Marina Wilson has developed a deep respect of artisans and their craft as well as their passion towards creating products of uncompromisable quality. Bringing these spirits to the USA market, growing and developing them into recognized brands and making them available to the USA consumers is the Founder's drive and the company's mission.

Double Eagle Imports has a substantial national sales network, currently extending to 20 states. Our products are sold in the nation's premier retail accounts such as Total Wine & More and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits.

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Growing and nurturing craft spirits is a difficult and challenging path but it is also ultimately fulfilling and satisfying. We are proud that our support of craft spirits helps the artisans and their communities to thrive and we are happy when the consumers in the USA have an opportunity to enjoy the best products that distilled spirits industry has to offer. We hope that our craft spirits brands will bring a lot of joy to our satisfied customers!